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Startled by a priceless promise

Seventeen years ago today, about this time of the early morning, my daughter Anna was killed. Our daughter. Megan’s sister. Dorothy’s granddaughter. PK and Gloria’s granddaughter. Paul and Kathy’s niece. Christopher and Clara, Andrew, Amanda and Melissa’s cousin. The twins … Continue reading

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Ashen crosses and Jesus’ way of prayer

A Reflection on Ash Wednesday and the Lord’s Prayer The key texts for the reflection this Ash Wednesday were Isaiah 58:5-8 and Matthew 6:1-21. The Lord’s Prayer is the focus of our preaching during Lent this year. Daily verses and … Continue reading

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In the tears of the River Jordan

We celebrated yesterday, January 15, as the Baptism of Our Lord and the primary text for the day was Matthew 3:13-17: 13Then Jesus came from Galilee to John at the Jordan, to be baptized by him. 14John would have prevented … Continue reading

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A young man in the parish died on or shortly after Easter. He was 26. I met with his parents today. Faith seems like such a thin thread in the midst of such anguish. Continue reading

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Thoughts on a spider and the meaning of life

I think about the drive to live within every human creature. Instinctual. Imperative. But we, strange creatures that we are, have a more complicated relationship with life. Existence is not enough. We need it to mean something. We need purpose. We need connection. We need hope. Continue reading

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Sunday Evening

The water has been carried away, the table cleared, the baptismal font moved back from the center of the worshiping community to the entrance aisle – but the joy of the celebration lingers:  the darling baby, the big crowd, the … Continue reading

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