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Side by side

I offered to go with a friend to a funeral tomorrow. I do not know the person who died, but I know how crappy it is to go to a funeral alone. At my brother’s funeral so many decades ago … Continue reading

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“I kept that promise.”

It’s hard to describe what happened to me at the altar during the prayers of the church, yesterday. Typical Lutheran congregations don’t have a shared vocabulary for discussing personal spiritual experiences. Other communities of which I have been a part find it easier to say that God spoke to them. Continue reading

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Tomorrow would have been my daughter’s 36th birthday. It snuck up in me, busy as I’ve been. But a look at the calendar today, and that number 13 jumped out. Is it really May already? Are we here again? What … Continue reading

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Let us pray for wisdom

It’s not possible to remember everything. With time memories slip away. Fragments remain. And the love remains. At least, that’s what should remain. I am heartened by those who turn their sorrow into kindness. I am saddened by those who turn it into bitterness. But I understand, most of us have stood at one time or another at that fork in the road where those two paths diverge Continue reading

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An eternal kindness

There is room in the heart of God for us all. Continue reading

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Where the heavens bend

It seems like we are marching again towards Good Friday, towards the death of kindness and mercy, to the triumph of naked power, to a paroxysm of the Father of Lies. And with what do we stand? Simply the promise that Christ is risen, that the darkness cannot prevail, that death itself yields to the author of life. Continue reading

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Life is amazing. It’s not a resume we build. It’s not a course to be run. It is a rich tapestry made of very simple things. Continue reading

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In the tears of the River Jordan

We celebrated yesterday, January 15, as the Baptism of Our Lord and the primary text for the day was Matthew 3:13-17: 13Then Jesus came from Galilee to John at the Jordan, to be baptized by him. 14John would have prevented … Continue reading

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The human journey

The journey of human life is the journey of discovering that our lives are not our own: that our lives have their beginning in God, that they have their end in God, and that they are to be lived with God and for God – which is also to say, they are to be lived with our neighbor and for our neighbor. Continue reading

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It’s not simple

I am not the kind of person who can give simple answers. I have heard them. I have heard people say them to one another. I have heard them say them to me. “She’s with God now.” And this is true. This is profoundly true. It is the heart of what we come together to do on this day – to symbolically entrust Kerstin into the arms of God. But it is not simple. Continue reading

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