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Carried into the story

My mother was an antique dealer for a while.  It is still part of her soul.  When she closed her shop, many of the nice pieces came to live with us.  I was an adolescent and the stories behind these … Continue reading

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A table in the dark

There is something haunting, lovely and deeply true about this photograph. Taken late at night the day after Easter, when all have gone home and the building and campus are still, here stands this solemn, peaceful testimony to the promise of Easter. In the darkness of the world is a table of life. Continue reading

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Of skorpa and hope

Food is memory. Aromas take us places. Certain dishes link us to our past. Even when the memories are less than delightful – like getting sick after too much pumpkin pie so that now I can’t bear the thought. But the memory remains. Continue reading

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Carried into the story

Things bear a story to us, and carry us into the story. It is the nature of remembrance. It is the nature of tangible things. There is a reason God uses bread and wine. Continue reading

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The sound of a hundred snakes

I remember as a child being somewhat confused by the number of times in the Sunday worship service we asked for forgiveness. We always began the service with a general confession and declaration of forgiveness. But then we would hear … Continue reading

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Pickled Herring, Akvavit, and Hope

We stayed up on New Year’s Eve for herring and akvavit at midnight, Dad and I. A nice dark pumpernickel for the herring, a fresh baguette for some caraway flavored Tilsit and, of course, marzipan and coffee. We toasted my … Continue reading

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