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Let us pray for wisdom

It’s not possible to remember everything. With time memories slip away. Fragments remain. And the love remains. At least, that’s what should remain. I am heartened by those who turn their sorrow into kindness. I am saddened by those who turn it into bitterness. But I understand, most of us have stood at one time or another at that fork in the road where those two paths diverge Continue reading

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We have seen the chariots of fire

There are no answers. There is only the pain of our grief and all the complicated emotions it brings. There is only the great mystery of God, the unfathomable mystery of that hidden power and presence that lies at the heart of all things. Continue reading

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“Christ must reign”

“He must reign until he has put all his enemies under his feet.” (1 Corinthians 15:25) Notice that little word ‘until’. Christ reigns now, but all his enemies are not yet under his feet. Christ reigns now, but a rebellious … Continue reading

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He has not despised

We have two instinctive reactions to great affliction: one is to stare, the other to turn away. God has not turned away. Continue reading

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The war of light and darkness

There are times it seems like there is a war going on, a war between the forces of light and the powers of darkness. Continue reading

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In the face of fears and tears

A dear friend’s son asked me to participate in his wedding next summer. A joyful opportunity to catch up with him and his fiancé over Thanksgiving was put on hold recently as he faced surgery last week. I learned today the mass was carcinogenic. So my thoughts are with Job. Continue reading

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