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Days like this

I feel like I should write something about Gloria. Today is the first anniversary of her death. It was a good death – no, not a good death, a good dying. Her family was gathered around her. She was alert … Continue reading

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Her legacy of kindness will remain

My stepmother would have been 87 today. I called my Dad to let him know I was thinking of him, of her. There was not much else to say. We talked for a while about any number of things. But … Continue reading

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We come to kneel

We have seen Nazi’s marching by torchlight this year. At the center of our response to that must be the lighting candles and singing “Silent Night” … Our worship tonight is not just one of the baubles on the tree that makes up our holiday; it is the tree. Continue reading

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Christ is entered into the world

Originally posted on Watching for the morning:
This is a lightly edited reprint of a posting in 2014 Thursday Luke 2 28Simeon took him in his arms and praised God Christmas lingers. At least it should linger. Not because of…

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In our weakest member

What shall we say about this truth that God’s manifestation in the world is in its very weakest member? Continue reading

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Of skorpa and hope

Food is memory. Aromas take us places. Certain dishes link us to our past. Even when the memories are less than delightful – like getting sick after too much pumpkin pie so that now I can’t bear the thought. But the memory remains. Continue reading

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Neither death nor life…

There is lament in this psalm, to be sure. The poet cries out against all the suffering, shame and loss they have experienced. But back towards the beginning of the psalm is this verse whose voice lingers: “Happy are the people who know the festal shout.” Continue reading

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The day will come

The number of people I remember on All Saints’ Day continues to grow. It is the burden of life. My father, 96, read me the names of those being remembered in his church. Again and again the names he read … Continue reading

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The value of the exceptional

The pricelessness of the ordinary (2) Once again, in the stillness of the early morning my mind roams. As I gaze out the window, the radiance of the morning light reminds me of the wonder of the exceptional. I attended a … Continue reading

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The pricelessness of the ordinary

I think many thoughts in the early morning. About the beauty of first light even on an urban neighborhood. About the wonder of birds wheeling in the sky. About the pricelessness of the ordinary. My mother has been shaken, this … Continue reading

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