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Thoughts on the Fourth of July

The ancient kingdoms of Judah and Israel were attacked by the prophets for their betrayal of Israel’s ancient vision of a people governed by faithfulness and mercy.  The founding story of these two nations linked by a common faith and … Continue reading

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Red shirt and blue shorts

Originally posted on jacob_limping:
I am haunted by the image of the little boy lying in the surf. My daughter used to sleep in just that pose. But she was breathing, safe in her bed, in a home that…

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What I want to tell Finn

(Recently my daughter and son-in-law came for a visit bringing their baby, Finn, to meet his great-grandparents.  He is the first great-grandchild.  And on Sunday morning we did a “Rite of Blessing in Anticipation of Baptism.”  It allowed the family … Continue reading

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It lives

The power of the body to heal is amazing. The spirit, too, I guess. But next month my hand will be fine, and next month my heart will still ache when I think of her. Continue reading

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All children born this night

I am lost looking into the face of my new grandson. Whatever conversation I began is forgotten as I hold him in my arms. There is only this moment, this single, eternal moment. Continue reading

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“What are you thankful for?”

My brother didn’t ask the question “What are your thankful for in this last year?” If he had, I could have spoken about the wonderful connections I have had with old friends, the time spent with family, the great staff I have to work with and some of the high points of the year. I could have spoken about the people I love, including those around the table. But he didn’t ask this question; he asked the more existential question, “What are you thankful for?” Continue reading

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I wish I knew him

I wanted to write about my brother, today, on the anniversary of his death. Unfortunately all my first attempts were about grief rather than Ken. As much as he meant to me, I didn’t really know him. He was just … Continue reading

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The times in which we live…

Thoughts on the Late Bronze Age Collapse, and the enduring Word of God I am haunted by the series of events known as the Late Bronze Age Collapse. In the 12th century bce the great ancient cultures of the Mycenaeans … Continue reading

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Of books and burnings

A reminder of the anniversary of the Nazi book burning has been popping up on my calendar since May. I didn’t want to let it go by without notice. We should not forget the burning of bodies began with the burning of books. Continue reading

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A table in the dark

There is something haunting, lovely and deeply true about this photograph. Taken late at night the day after Easter, when all have gone home and the building and campus are still, here stands this solemn, peaceful testimony to the promise of Easter. In the darkness of the world is a table of life. Continue reading

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