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We see dimly

It’s hard to talk about Charlottesville. It’s also hard not to. Thoughts on Psalm 70 Be pleased, O God, to deliver me. …..O Lord, make haste to help me! 2 Let those be put to shame and confusion …..who seek … Continue reading

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Singing of a warrior God

So what shall we do with this psalm? We can pull out the nice verses and ignore the rest. We can “spiritualize” the enemy to refer to the devil and his minions. Or we can acknowledge that nobility and cruelty sometimes live together in us – and give thanks that this word is fulfilled in Jesus, who laid down the sword and took up compassion, who laid down his life to reconcile those who were enemies, who grants us his spirit and conquers with love. Continue reading

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Learning to pray

The poet doesn’t ask God to “bless me,” he asks God to “bless us.” We should let that truth linger for a while on our tongue. There is importance in what is yet to come but, first, the prayer is for the whole people. Indeed it is for the whole world. Continue reading

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The river of God is full of water

We are surrounded by riches untold. And would we make God into a miser like us? Would we imagine that blessings are parceled out only to the deserving? That only a few are truly beloved? Continue reading

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Sometimes it is not our prayer

Sometimes the prayer of the psalm is not our prayer. Sometimes we are not the persecuted victim. Sometimes we are not the grieving penitent. Sometimes we are not the anguished sufferer. Continue reading

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“I kept that promise.”

It’s hard to describe what happened to me at the altar during the prayers of the church, yesterday. Typical Lutheran congregations don’t have a shared vocabulary for discussing personal spiritual experiences. Other communities of which I have been a part find it easier to say that God spoke to them. Continue reading

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Sunday after Sunday

It was a long drive back from my father’s house in Colorado, but part of me wished I could have taken it slower. I am ever amazed at the majesty of the creation, and I would have loved to be able to take photographs of all that I witnessed coming across Colorado, Utah and Nevada on the old state highways. I have a few photos, taken at rest stops and occasional halts along the way, but mostly they are fading memories, replaced only by the knowledge that it was beautiful. Continue reading

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Surrounded with graces

We are surrounded by graces big and little. Every bit of beauty, every simple kindness, every child’s laughter, every kind word or sound silences the claims of fear and evil to rule the world. Continue reading

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Tomorrow would have been my daughter’s 36th birthday. It snuck up in me, busy as I’ve been. But a look at the calendar today, and that number 13 jumped out. Is it really May already? Are we here again? What … Continue reading

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The journey to our humanity

A reflection as we  begin Maundy Thursday Tonight we begin the worship service that stretches over these next three days and walks us anew through the death and resurrection of Jesus. This service not only sets before us the story … Continue reading

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