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More on Mary’s cry

The cry for justice, for the setting right of the world is deep in the scriptures.  Israel’s faith is born in the cry of the people in bondage and anchored again in the cry of despair at the destruction of … Continue reading

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“What are you thankful for?”

My brother didn’t ask the question “What are your thankful for in this last year?” If he had, I could have spoken about the wonderful connections I have had with old friends, the time spent with family, the great staff I have to work with and some of the high points of the year. I could have spoken about the people I love, including those around the table. But he didn’t ask this question; he asked the more existential question, “What are you thankful for?” Continue reading

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Side by side

I offered to go with a friend to a funeral tomorrow. I do not know the person who died, but I know how crappy it is to go to a funeral alone. At my brother’s funeral so many decades ago … Continue reading

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Let us pray for wisdom

It’s not possible to remember everything. With time memories slip away. Fragments remain. And the love remains. At least, that’s what should remain. I am heartened by those who turn their sorrow into kindness. I am saddened by those who turn it into bitterness. But I understand, most of us have stood at one time or another at that fork in the road where those two paths diverge Continue reading

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It’s not simple

I am not the kind of person who can give simple answers. I have heard them. I have heard people say them to one another. I have heard them say them to me. “She’s with God now.” And this is true. This is profoundly true. It is the heart of what we come together to do on this day – to symbolically entrust Kerstin into the arms of God. But it is not simple. Continue reading

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Remembering the day

I was alone on campus when the phone call came. My dad had been trying to reach me, but there was only one phone for the two corridors on my side of the floor in the freshman dorm, and I … Continue reading

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I just wish that I could hear

Tomorrow is Anna’s 35th birthday. Hard to imagine. She is locked forever now at 19. Her smile. Her laugh. Her brilliant eyes. The daisies in her hair, plucked from the wildflowers on her way to school. Her warmth. Her depth of spirit. Her passion for dance and theater and the life of the Spirit. Continue reading

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We have seen the chariots of fire

There are no answers. There is only the pain of our grief and all the complicated emotions it brings. There is only the great mystery of God, the unfathomable mystery of that hidden power and presence that lies at the heart of all things. Continue reading

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Life shall last

We stand before the mystery of life with nothing but a promise, a promise that the God who called us into being is not willing to let us perish. We may turn to dust and ashes, but God is not through with his wondrous creation. God is not finished with those he has fashioned in love. Continue reading

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East of Eden

I can’t let the day go by without acknowledging that this is my daughter’s birthday, though it has been 15 years since I made her a birthday cake. I almost did last night, but I made cookies instead. I remember … Continue reading

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