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I wish I knew him

I wanted to write about my brother, today, on the anniversary of his death. Unfortunately all my first attempts were about grief rather than Ken. As much as he meant to me, I didn’t really know him. He was just … Continue reading

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Side by side

I offered to go with a friend to a funeral tomorrow. I do not know the person who died, but I know how crappy it is to go to a funeral alone. At my brother’s funeral so many decades ago … Continue reading

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Remembering the day

I was alone on campus when the phone call came. My dad had been trying to reach me, but there was only one phone for the two corridors on my side of the floor in the freshman dorm, and I … Continue reading

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This week I remember my brother

This week I remember my brother. It’s been a long time, now. 46 years. But the wound remains. Not so raw, but still tender. Continue reading

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