Always in the presence

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I wrote this liturgy for the beginning of worship in 2016 when 9/11 fell on a Sunday.  As I came across it today, I was touched by how it speaks to the tragedies and shadows of our time.  

+   +   +

The community prays silently.  

The large wooden cross used on Good Friday is carried in by children and laid against the altar (at an angle, with the cross beam and the foot on the floor)

We are always in the presence of the cross.

Where prejudice prevails,
….Christ is crucified.

Where violence reigns,
….Christ is crucified.

Where ignorance thrives,
….Christ is crucified.

Where children weep in hunger,
….Christ is crucified.

Where people live by fear,
….Christ is crucified.

As the large Paschal Candle that is first used on Easter is lighted and carried in:

We are always in the presence of the cross.

We are always in the presence of the crucified.

Where kindness is done,
….Christ is present.

Where wounds are bound up,
….Christ is present.

Where the neglected are tended,
….Christ is present.

Where the hungry are fed,
….Christ is present.

Where the homeless are sheltered,
….Christ is present.

As the Altar Candles are lighted:

We are always in the presence of the cross.

We are always in the presence of the crucified.

We are always in the presence of the risen one.

Where the story is told,
….Christ appears.

Where prayers are spoken,
….Christ appears.

Where peace is shared,
….Christ appears.

Where bread is broken,
….Christ appears.

Where God is praised,
….Christ appears.

As vigil candles on the altar are lighted:

We remember the buildings that have fallen.
….We remember the planes that were taken down.

We remember the people who died.
….We remember the families who survived.

We remember those who went to help.
….We remember the love that was inspired.


Hear our prayer, O God,
….Hear our cry,

For the healing of the world,
….For an end to hate and fear

For the dawn of peace and understanding
….For the end of war and division

For the courage to choose peace.

For open hands
….and open hearts

For the fullness of justice
….For the triumph of hope


We remember the child that was born.
….We remember the song of the angels.

We remember the Spirit that was poured out.
….We remember the news that was proclaimed.

We remember the sins that were forgiven.
….We remember the lives that were healed.

We remember the graves that were opened.
….We remember the feast that is come.

+   +   +

© David K Bonde, 2016, 2019

Image: B. Brassoud [CC BY-SA 4.0 ( 

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