File:Women grocery shopping.jpgThere was a homeless man who came and stood in the sheltered corner between the office wing and sanctuary yesterday. It is free of some of the traffic noise of our corner. And it is out of sight, somewhat. There is a light there, too, operated by a motion sensor, but he stood still enough that the light did not always remain on. He was tinkering with some things atop his shopping cart.

He was very kind and respectful. I offered him some tea when I went to make some for myself, but he declined. I asked again on another occasion if there was anything he needed and he said he was fine. It’s hard to ask that question without it sounding like “What are you doing here?” but I did my best. He stood there for three hours, quietly, peacefully.

As evening fell, he told me he was getting ready to leave for downtown, and when it was dark, he did. I wondered if he had been biding time until he could go to our little downtown to whatever place he planned to spend the night. Perhaps there was a place for him to get food, too, I don’t know.

I wondered, later, if he had stood for three hours so he wouldn’t be thought to be loitering. It made me wish I had thought to offer him a chair. There are benches nearby in our patio, but that is a more exposed space.

I have felt some weariness about living in an apartment, lately. But when I arrived home last night I remembered how wonderful it is to have a place to go, to have food to eat, a bed in which to sleep, and a warm shower.

His name was Scott.


Photo: By Bill Branson (Photographer) [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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